About Us | Who , What and Where?

"Our Favourite Colour is Wood"

It all began one fine day with a challenge.  Could we make wooden engraved jewellery and specifically stud earrings and cufflinks, with an insane amount of detail? After thousands of pairs sold.. the answer was YES, yes we can. 

We do not have our earrings online as of yet, because there are over 500 designs now and managing that inventory online is not easy. 

As our business grew, we began to expand into cufflinks, which we sell under the (KNIGHTWOODS) brand name and we also make pendants.  Our pendant line has grown to over 100 designs and we continue to expand that line at an increasing rate.  

Browse our collection of fabulous KnightWoods cufflinks and pendants.  Each piece is designed to showcase the very finest of craftsmanship and style.  Be sure to look closely for the details which make our work unique and a special treasure.  

Each and every piece of wood is handcrafted right here in our own studio's in Canada.

"No expense spared, and no detail overlooked, we create the finest wooden accessories for our customers."

Philip Knight